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I am a wife of a great man and mother of two happy boys, Connor and Preston. Creators of messes, fun times and distractions. I have always enjoyed creating new things and learning how to work with new materials. And I have a craft room full of things to prove it. ****insert pic of room here ***** When I decided that I wanted to start this crafting business I was not sure what to call it. We went through a number of names and my husband Darrell (darrellwolfe.com) came up with Texas Cows and Crafts. I think this came about for 2 reasons: 1. My husband really truly enjoys the cheeseburger, and 2. There are a lot of cows here in Texas. I do go to the ocaasional Farmers Market or crafts show, when time allows. This website is where I will post pictures of things I've made or worked on, posts of things I have learned and updates.  And every month I will try to post new items for sale on Etsy,  and if you see a picture of an item you want on my website that is not for sale in my Etsy store please contact me and I can see if it is still available, or if can make one for you.

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